in which i deal with a lot of crap


extending some of the garden beds this year by a technique called “lasagna” or “back to eden” or “sheet” mulching, which is really just “pile all of the scraps, yard waste and chicken sh*t into a pile and wait for it to decompose over a bed of cardboard” mulching.


also preparing two new beds for my birthday crabapple trees.



in which i tempt karma by finding ALL OF THE THINGS

a few years ago i got this great book that focused on native plantings and living habitat gardens and there was an insane spread of a plant called neviusia alabamensis, or alabama snow wreath.  it was gorgeous and fun and hard to find so immediately i knew i had to have it.  in the intervening time, i have twice managed to come across it.  the first time, i planted it, and it didn’t do quite what i hoped.  i think the plant was young and not quite robust enough for the benign neglect i forced it to endure over an extremely hot summer.


the second time, i ended up overwintering it in a pot by accident.  it’s a tough plant and appears to still be alive and i planted some last weekend, but today, at long last, i had a real chance to rectify my error by finding a place that had loads of it in multiple sizes and was happy to fedex it to me before the weekend.

i was on a roll, because it turned out they also had some of my favorite insane/hard-to-find must-haves in their monarch butterfly host plant collection.

Asclepias variegata
Asclepias amplexicaulis

then, my favorite mail-order nursery FINALLY had the baptisias on their buy 3-get-one-free sale, which i have been waiting for for months.  i immediately splurged on 6 new additions and they were all free because i found an american express gift card in my bag.  true story.


THEN.  a nursery i go to a lot emailed me to say that a tree i had been looking for had just come in stock.  boom.


i should quit now.  it’s never gonna get better than this.

in which i try, flail and ultimately fail at math, algebra, and visualizing space in 2 and 3 dimensions…

IMG_0212.JPGwitness  my incredibly pathetic attempts to calculate how much wood i would need to build a compost bin within the greenhouse.

but oh, it gets better, because then i switched to trying to count concrete blocks (8x8x16), because they were cheaper and modular, and then i had to figure out length, width, and height…and still came up short on how many bricks i needed.