garden diary: 15 april 2017


friday:  9,354 steps/3.8 miles; 10 bags of manure
saturday:  13,374 steps/5.5 miles
sunday:  ~10,979 steps/~4.3 miles; i forgot my phone for part of the day

neviusia alabamensis have arrived, are laid out, divided and planted.  they are stoloniferous and just keep going so even though i ordered 5 plants, by the time i got everything open, sorted and pruned i ended up with 10.


i am underplanting them with heucheras, asters and violets for now, and putting some really, really tall Asclepias incarnata “Cinderella” behind them.

planted in the front yard woodland:

  • primula veris (x3)
  • dicentra “heart of gold” (x1)
  • hepatica americana (x8)
  • phlox divaricata (x5)

still needs work.  stay tuned for more updates on this breaking story.

planted in the front yard woodland:

  • trillium erectum
  • tiarella cordifolia
  • anemone quinquefolia
  • trillium sessile

two things here; a photo i saw on pinterest and an actual photo of this combo in the wild at bash-bish falls last spring.

from my notebook of unachievable dreams


  • amsonia
  • little bluestem grass
  • columbines
  • dodecatheon media
  • tradescantia
  • veronicastrum / culver’s root
  • rudbeckia triloba / brown-eyed susan

seeds sown:

  • phlox divaricata
  • primula japonica / primula kisoana
  • carex radiata “eastern star sedge”
  • marsh phlox
  • sisyrinchium angustifolium “blue-eyed grass” (and white variation)
  • sisyrinchium campestre “prairie blue-eyed grass” (and white variation)
  • iris versicolor “blue flag iris”
  • prairie violet
  • new england aster
  • tennesee coneflower
  • rudbeckia subtomentosa “sweet black eyed susan”
  • coreopsis palmata “prairie coreopsis”
  • ascelpias arenara “western sand milkweed”


  • japanese cherry blossoms
  • fruit trees blossomed
  • trilliums
  • ascelpias exaltata (in pots)
  • penstemon digitalis
  • phlox paniculata
  • peonies, peonies, peonies
  • monarda
  • sisyrinchium angustifolium
  • echinacea “cheyenne spirit”
  • yarrow
  • celandine poppy
  • corydalis
  • pulmonaria
  • redbuds (not yet in bloom but ready to pop)
  • baptisia (itty, bitty tiny shoots, but they’re there!)
  • blue flag iris
  • crested iris
  • brunnera
  • “molly the witch” species peony
  • astilbe

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