garden diary: 7 april 2017


steps:  15,597 (6.6 miles)
compost temperature:  90*F (day 4)

  • dodecatheon
  • pulmonaria
  • primula:  japonica/veris
  • hepatica
  • bluebells
  • dutchman’s breeches
  • phlox divaricata

after a horrifying and demoralizing washout for thursday, took to the yard with a vengeance on friday and saturday.  because most of my plants are currently embryonic and in pots, i was free to not worry about planting and to think about yard chores.  i started by marking the areas of poor drainage in the backyard so that i could design beds and swales around them.  then, because the soil was so wet still, i took an edger along my marked areas.


this was fun for about 10 minutes and then my arms hurt, but i persevered mostly because it helped me stay warm…

i was also able to work on the willow arch, shoring it up after the ravages of the winter winds.


and when it got too cold and overcast even for me, i retreated inside to finish prepping the last of this year’s perennial seeds.



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