in which i must do all the things. NOW.

oh, good, it’s that restless, joyless, “are-we-there-yet”, must-do-all-the-things time of winter.

the days are just starting to be long enough to notice, and we haven’t had any snow, and the ground isn’t even FROZEN, only there is a blizzard forecast for tuesday, so there is that.

i’m trying to focus my energy by making a smart and short shopping list about what i am allowing myself to buy this year.  i did splurge on some azalea and a new magnolia and a new crabapple for my birthday, and i stocked up on some specific ground covers from my favorite mail-order nursery sale.  also, it’s time to start thinking about seed starting.  i want to try again this year to start my own bedding plants (cosmos, zinnias, nasturtiums, calendula) and i will probably do a few vegetables in the hopes my (new!!) vegetable garden.

i just need to figure out a strategy for the greenhouse, which is unheated and currently unheat-able.

(assuming we are not buried under a mountain of snow for another month, which is totally looking like a possibility)

also, do i want to try more dahlia tubers this year?  i think yes!


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