8 may 2016: continuing the woodland wildflower garden


over a couple of different weekends i have laid out and prepped (with black plastic for solarization) my woodland wildflower garden under a small copse of trees.


this was my first round, using the basic layout from my garden-planning book, and i added to it with some ‘dalmation creme’ foxgloves because why not? i also added, behind the trees as a sort of shrub hedge, several species peonies that are woodland suited. they have the greatest name ever: molly-the-witch. who wouldn’t want a peony named molly-the-witch? most of the time, it is a yellow flower, with occasional variations into the pink spectrum. perfect. i am going to underplant them with violets and geranium samboor.


here’s a better shot of the area, where i added several more combinations. the main one is a grouping of Trillium lutem with a border of heuchera and interplanted with lilies of the valley.  i saw this combination in david culp’s the layered garden and i have been obsessed with it.  i also plan to add pulmonaria, because i love those as well.  they are so interesting too look at and they have awesome foliage.

pulmonaria ‘opal’

finally, i bordered the whole shebang with a combination i found on pinterest:

japanese forest grass, sedum sieboldii, ladys-mantle