garden diary: 6 march 2016

today i potted up an ambitious bare root order of bottlebrush buckeye (Aesculus parviflora) from a new online supplier i’ve been trying.  earlier this winter, on my never-ending quest to collect ALL THE MILKWEEDS, i finally found a place that had one of my most elusive quarries (but more on that another time).  then, seemingly by magic, they recently had an amazing sale on bare root shrubs.

historically i have terrible luck with bare root shrubs, but the price was so good that even with a 50% failure rate i would still come out ahead of ordering from one of the larger, specialized nurseries – and even farther ahead of waiting until spring and heading out to catskill native nursery, so i took the plunge and ordered 15.

they came, and they are beautiful, healthy plants, and not sealed up in plastic bags with some peat moss (which is how i’ve always gotten bare roots before, especially from prairie moon nursery), but in a nice damp bag with proper root systems.  i feel cautiously optimistic.


someday, my pretties….someday

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