garden diary: 17 february 2016

oh, shit, my last order (and i swear it, this time, my LAST ORDER) from prairie moon arrived and it is a TON of grasses.  like, even more than i realized.

thank goodness i have 100 gallon pots?

and i ordered the last of my vegetables from adaptive seeds this morning.  final rundown of potential 2016 crops

  • siberian watermelon
  • blacktail mountain watermelon
  • early moonbeam watermelon
  • cream of saskatchewan watermelon
  • iroquois cantaloupe – couldn’t get minnesota midget this year?
  • cannellini bean
  • scarlet runner beans
  • lettuce
  • new mama super sweet corn
  • blue jade dwarf corn
  • barlotto beans
  • ianto’s return fava bean (land race?)
  • grean beauty snow pea
  • magnolia sugar snap

wow.  that is a lot.  (and when i said ‘final’ i clearly forgot that tomatoes count as a crop?)


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