garden diary: 16 february 2016

i spent the day today contemplating roses, with two resources at my fingertips:  my trusty copy of roses without chemicals, and the 2016 listing of roses from roses unlimited.  i made a list, i made a spreadsheet, i made little flashcards of potential additions and arranged them and re-arranged them until i had combinations i liked.  

(seriously, you’d think i don’t have a day job, when really i just had an extremely uneventful day at the office)

meanwhile, today it was in the 50s and we had maybe half an inch of rain.  my only thought?  i hope my direct-sown poppies didn’t wash away.  i’ve never yet gotten poppies to take and i was so sure i had done the thing properly this year, since the ground never truly froze.  (two weeks ago, i scraped some mulch back to expose the soil, scattered liberally, pressed everything back in and lightly raked the mulch back into place.)


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