garden diary: 13 february 2016

it’s 11 degrees outside and it feels like -11, and i’m running around like an idiot trying to set out seed trays.  and when i say running i mean that literally, with the panting, heaving breaths to prove it.  i’ve got a scarf wrapped round my head – over my hat – and covering my nose and mouth and my glasses are so fogged from the condensation that all i can see is a vague sense of white light from the light crust of ice from some earlier minimal snowfall that encrusts the ground.

i had the brilliant idea to cut down the excess on one of my reemay blankets and set up a new station for winter sowing since i had so much to do today – and it was a brilliant idea, only no one told the wind.  the blanket is flapping and twisting and is also, in places, encrusted with ice, and it does not want to cooperate with my master plan.  i laid out seven or eight trays of 18 pots as well as a few gallon pots before i could feel the skin around my knuckles cracking in protest.

best bit:  i still have six or seven more trays to lay out!  also to do:  add marsh phlox and campanula to my container of aruncus for hunk-of-seedlings transplant come sprouting time.  i also need to add some wild geranium to the mayapple container and, if i have any extra, sow a few gallon pots with same to eventually add to the ‘shady streamside’ planting (japanese peony, primula japonica, palm sedge, bergenia, siberian iris).  i’d like to get as many of the trays as possible – i’m daring to hope that i will complete my perennial plantings today – since there is supposed to be snow and rain this week and i need the moisture.


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